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17.5″ Schleese Wave – $1200

  • Tree set to MW but easily adjusted
  • Adjusted and flocked exclusively by Schleese reps
  • Meticulously cared for and stored/covered when not in use
  • Soft, comfortable leather
  • Encourages freedom of shoulder
  • Retails new for $5000+ USD

From Schleese: “The narrow twist allows the rider’s leg to fall and hang naturally providing close contact…The adjustable V-Webbing billet system allows for correct billet alignment and equal pull throughout the length of the tree…The adjustable thigh blocks give the rider the flexibility to adjust their leg support. French-Style leather. Extremely soft and requires very little ‘breaking-in’ time.

17.5″ Revere – $1100

  • Abbreviated inner flap makes this a great fit for narrower horses with a wider barrel
  • Was used on a shorter-backed horse comfortably
  • Adjustable tree currently set at M/MW
  • Meticulously cared for and stored/covered when not in use

Revere Saddlery is based out of Southern California and is a full-custom saddle maker.

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