About Bernadine

Bernadine owns and operates Bernadine Diers Training, a personalized dressage program for casual riders and active competitors alike. With over twenty-five years as a dressage professional and numerous more years training in other equestrian disciplines, Bernadine brings a wealth of experience and insight to her dressage program. She is a USDF Gold medalist and continues to compete throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Bernadine is passionate about lifelong learning and actively engages regular instruction, most recently from Conrad Schumacher, J. Ashton Moore, Deborah Spence (“R”), and Christophe Theallet. She currently competes her Welsh cob gelding Monty at Grand Prix in addition to client horses at various levels.

Whether bringing along a young horse, preparing for Championships, or helping a student gain confidence, Bernadine is committed to thoughtful education that prioritizes correct foundations and the partnership between horse and rider. She is dedicated to providing exceptional horse care and shares her enthusiasm and love for riding and training horses with all her students.

Bernadine’s training philosophy has been influenced by a number of teachers, notably Barbara Koot, J. Ashton Moore, Jean-Claude Racinet, Conrad Schumacher, and Deborah Spence.

What People Say

Bernadine is amazing teacher and communicator. She can see subtle changes in your horse and body position and is great at communicating, often in visual illustrations, how to be a more effective rider.


My mare is very fancy, but also hot, tense, anxious and sometimes explosive! Bernadine is particularly gifted in working with this type of horse; every lesson she gives me exercises to help my mare ‘unlock’ herself and find physical and mental relaxation. At our very first show under Bernadine’s training we earned a score of 74!


As an adult amateur returning to the sport with my first horse I am extremely fortunate to be able to work with Bernadine. My time for training is limited, but I learn so much every time I ride with her that I still feel my horse and I are making good progress. Bernadine’s instructions, observations and suggestions are given with perfect timing and always make complete sense.

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