About Us

We believe in systematic and compassionate horse training using classical dressage principles.

Our Mission

Dressage is for every horse and every rider! It is an invaluable tool that teaches horses and riders both physical and mental balance and connection. Using classical dressage principles and a deep understanding of equine and human biomechanics, our goal is always to develop the relationship between horse and rider.

Bernadine Diers is a gifted horsewoman who has been working in the equine world for over thirty years. She brings multi-disciplinary experience to her training and is a successful FEI dressage competitor and instructor. She is passionate about teaching and training her students to better communicate with their equine counterparts.

Bernadine Diers Training operates out of the beautiful River Run Equestrian Center located between Newberg and Wilsonville. Oregon. It includes full-service boarding and training, two arenas, and excellent year-round turnout.

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